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Major Opportunities

Our study explores significant trading opportunities available in the Futures Markets, during the last 35 years. (Originally Published in January 2012, updated in May 2019)

Trading Strategy

The aim of the Glider Trading Strategy is to participate in the strongest price movements among liquid futures and rotate into stronger price moves as opportunities arise. As a glider pilot captures the ascending air currents, which are continuously shifting and evolving, so the Glider Trading Strategy is designed to capture strong price moves, which similarly shift and evolve. The ascending pyramid process shows a brief illustration of the Strategy. Further details are available upon request, prospective clients may consider contacting our Client Relations team.

About Glider Trading

Glider Trading LLP is a UK investment management company founded in 2011 by Corrado Scian focusing on systematic trading strategies in the global futures markets.

Corrado Scian’s extensive experience in researching and developing systematic trading strategies is combined with over 16 years of trading as he has worked as a systematic and flow trader at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs. He is the portfolio manager.

Matteo Zanetti has over 13 years of programming experience specializing in design of large databases and Windows-oriented applications. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and is the Head of the Software Development.

  • Onwards and upwards gliding beyond the clouds!
  • You made the journey so far and so up. Even up here things may still keep going up! Share the wonder and the scrolling!
  • Actually, Markets works like that sometimes they keep going up
  • Participate in the strongest price motions among liquid Futuresand rotate into stronger price moves as opportunities arise

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